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🌈ChromeAppHeroes, Write a Chinese manual for the excellent Chrome plugin, let the Chrome plugin heroes benefit the human~

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HitUP wonderbeyond Github Use New Tab “blank pages” to keep you up to date with popular technology trends, along with other benefits.
Gitako - Github file tree EnixCoda Github Functionally similar to the famous Octotree, but with more modern front-end tools, the performance is much better.

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Introduction to ChromeAppHeroes (Business blows module)

ChromeAppHeroes Github: https://github.com/zhaoolee/ChromeAppHeroes

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001《markdown-here》 Markdown converts to rich text with one click

With the markdown-here plugin, you can use the mardown format to write in the web version of QQ mailbox, Gmail, Sina headline article, and then convert to rich text with one click.

002《chrono》 Make Chrome download resources easier

Chrono can easily sniff and identify the resources in the webpage, and then download all resources with one click.

003《Secure Shell App》 What is the experience of opening ssh in Chrome?

Many People want to build their own VPN by purchasing a server. After purchasing the server, the first step is to log in to the server through ssh. Windows does not have its own ssh software. Now you don't need to download putty or xshell, you can use this Secure Shell. App directly implements ssh login server in chrome

004《Tampermonkey》 Tampermonkey! God level Expansion

The Tampermonkey must become the second application store of Chrome. With the Tampermonkey, you can view the VIP video for free, clear all kinds of web advertisements, and display the download address of the movie resources on the Douban Film Review page~

005《Video Speed Controller》Speed up webpage video(Up to 16 times faster!)

When we brush some non-nutrition videos, we will have the need to play videos at a double speed. The online player of the website generally only provides a playback speed of no more than 4 times, and the Video Speed Controller can increase the video playback speed to 16 times.

006《SimilarSites》 Find similar sites by SimilarSites

When you browse a great site, you might think of the "similar" sites, especially for some resource sites, this site does not, and its similar sites "often have"! SimilarSites, it There is only one role, find similar sites!

007《loom》Chrome recording web video

Loom can record a single tab page of the browser with one click, automatically generate online webpage after recording, play video, download the video just recorded, or set password for the online video just generated.

008《Chrome Cleaner Pro》Speed up for Chrome

After the development of recent years, Chrome has been expanding more and more. The goal of Chrome OS is getting closer and closer. If the software is bigger, there will be a common problem similar to Windows. The software will slow down and make Chrome the fastest. The easy way is to clean up the garbage, and Chrome Cleaner Pro is a one-click cleanup path~

009《vimium》Fusion Chrome and vim

Vimium allows us to browse the web using only the keyboard. If you see someone using vimium for the first time, it will definitely make you feel amazing~

010《speedtest》Test network speed

When the Internet speed is very slow, the first thing people think of is to perform network speed measurement. On the window, as long as you install the 360 family bucket, the speed measurement function is installed by default, but the speed measurement function does not need to be installed locally. , just hand it to the browser.

011 《whatruns》Analysis of website technology stack

If you are very interested in the website you are currently browsing, you can use the whatruns to understand the software technology stack, for example, what technology is used by facebook?

012《OurStickys》Web page note paper

When you introduce the favorite webpage features to everyone, you can talk to the webpage while you are talking, so that you can make people's eyes shine and make the audience easy to grasp the key points~

013《Quick QR》Implement cloud paste with QR code

With Quick QR, we can get any piece of text information on the PC browser without scanning any code through the mobile phone (cloud paste board~)

014《超级马里奥游戏》Convert Chrome to game console


What is the experience of playing Super Mario with Chrome? Haha, fun! Super Mario Game is a plugin that lets you open Chrome and play Super Mario at any time.😋

015 《XPath Helper》Bing daily wallpaper web crawler

XPath is an extension that helps us complete web crawlers. We can use XPath to help us complete a small crawler of Bing wallpapers~

016《解除B站区域限制》View the attacking giants third season

Relieve bilibili area restrictions,Old drivers of bilibili must have skills

017《新浪微博图床》Local Markdown is written more smoothly, Sina Weibo map bed to help you

Write an article with Markdown. If the article uses a local map, the local map will be packaged with the article, otherwise others will not see the image. If you put the local image on the web server, then paste the url of the image directly. In the article, you can eliminate the steps of image packaging.

018《Enhanced Github》Download Github single file

I need Github to give me a popsicle to relieve the heat, Github insists on giving me the freezer with popsicles. (The buddy is really interesting)... With the enhanced Github plugin, we can download the core of the Github excellent project. Code file to learn, instead of downloading the entire repository as a collection

019《MEGA》Network disk conscience? Try MEGA!

  • There is no concept of speed limit (it is really disgusting by the speed limit strategy of Baidu's network disk)
  • Cloud encryption, resources will not be blocked
  • Officially provided Linux client

020《Boxel Rebound》Bounce small squares (with homemade track sharing method)

Boxel Rebound is a little geek game with simple gameplay, free to create tracks, share tracks, and get other people's tracks for secondary development; whether you are a Mac user, a Windows user, or a Linux user, just install Chrome. Browser, you can play Boxel Rebound

021《哔哩哔哩助手》Become the old driver of bilibili

哔哩哔哩助手,functional, developers have always maintained a high frequency of updates, you can rest assured to eat ~

022《扩展管理器》Manage your Chrome extensions

If there are a lot of plugins installed in Chrome, we can group the plugins and enable different groups of plugins according to the scenario.

023《FireShot》scrolling across the entire page just one click

In general, FireShot is a good software, free and useful, scrolling screenshots are better than similar software.

024《Dark Reader》Enable night mode for any website

Like the night mode partner, Dark Reader should be able to satisfy you~

025《Console》Chrome comes with a good calculator

The usefulness of the Chrome computer: You can see the number of records, you can also preview the results of the operation in real time, you can check it again after the input is completed, and one more point: Chrome calculator is very popular

026《Quickey Launcher》Open a website with just one click

Quickey Launcher binds a shortcut to any web page in an elegant way. Once the binding is complete, you can open the web page with the shortcut key.

027《Text》Cross-platform notepad from Chrome Labs

Text is developed and open sourced by Google Chrome Labs. The open source address is https://github.com/GoogleChromeLabs/text-app. Text is a small and beautiful product. It is not powerful, but it is enough, and it has completed cross-platform with Chrome (Can also be used in Linux ~)

028《AdBlock》Custom blocking ads

屏蔽简书广告 The function of Adblock is very rich, but many functions are basically not used. Ordinary users only need to open Adblock, and can use the right-click tool to block ads that they don't like, which is enough~

029 《SimpRead》Turn on reading mode for any webpage

Turning on the reading mode for the webpage allows us to focus more on the content, not being distracted by the colorful advertising campaign, and SimpRead is a plugin that opens the reading mode for the webpage.

030《掘金》Believe in the power of quality technical content

If you want to know the industry knowledge of programmers, product managers, and designers, you can open the Nuggets plug-in to see if you feel like it. If you feel like the content, you can go to the official website of Nuggets.https://juejin.im/

031《OneTab》Convert multiple tabs into a list

When you find yourself having too many tabs, click on the OneTab icon and all tabs will be converted into a list. When you need to access them again, click the OneTab icon to call up the list and click on the list recovery tab.

032《Smallpdf》Online pdf tool easy to use

Smallpdf is a very easy to use PDF tool that can be collected as a daily office tool. Smallpdf can be used for multiple pdf online mergers, pdf online editing. If you are a regular person dealing with PDF, don't miss it~

033《一叶》Barrage, Chat, Message board on every web page

yiyechat is a very interesting product, but the current user volume is still very small. I personally have some ideas for this. If the official can follow the treasure hunt game like pokemongo, in the message board corresponding to the homepage of each major website, Embed some interesting eggs and let users go to treasure hunt, which may be beneficial to the promotion of products~

034《Astro Bot》A programming question with every new tab

Astro Bot can display a program-related question or related news on a new tab page.

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